Fields of Our Medical Service

1. 医薬品翻訳



翻訳者による翻訳後は、当社QCスタッフが、品質を保証するために、訳文の厳重な品質チェックを行っています。また、当社QCスタッフと翻訳者は、ICH国際医薬用語集 (MedDRA)、TRADOS翻訳メモリ、各案件固有の用語集を活用することで、大規模プロジェクトでも個々の翻訳の正確性と一貫性を保っています。


2. 医学翻訳



1. Pharmaceutical Translation

MedicaLingual utilizes a global network of professionals with a high level of medical and pharmaceutical knowledge and an experience in the field of drug development to provide translation service for documents across the entire drug development process, from non-clinical study to new drug application and post-marketing surveillance.

Close cooperation between MedicaLingual and native translators in the world provides a full range of experienced expertise, making it possible to assign translations in each specialized field to the most qualified professional. Translators focus on specialized areas to ensure smooth and efficient translation that reduces the time required to understand content and verify specialized terms.

After translation, our QC staff conducts strict checks to ensure the final product meets the highest standards. In addition, our QC staff and individual translators utilize the Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities Terminology (MedDRA), TRADOS translation memories and specific terms for each project to ensure that each translation is both accurate and consistent across even the largest projects.

Upon request, MedicaLingual submits Translation Certificate and QC Trail after the final translation delivery.

2. Medical Translation

MedicaLingual is an expert in a wide range of medical translation fields, from basic medicine to clinical medicine.

MedicaLingual translators have long-term clinical and research experience in their fields of expertise that allows them to quickly perceive the author intension to clearly and accurately express the content and results of research in English. In addition to this important advantage, our translators have extensive experience in submitting papers to journals, so they are familiar with journal standards. They confirm the principles and intensions of the client's work and provide translations that are compliant with specific journal style and submission guidelines.

医学対応領域/Medical Fields Supported

Fields of Our Medical Service